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MU ZHI TANGProbiotics, plant, fruit, and vegetable enzymes 慕之堂益生菌植物果蔬酵素清肠排毒排宿便

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Product Name: Muzhitang Probiotics Plant Enzyme Solid Drink Ingredients: Fruit and vegetable enzyme powder (apple enzyme, celery enzyme, pineapple enzyme, Cabbage Enzyme, Lemon Enzyme), Cassia Seed Powder, Yam Powder, Lotus Leaf Powder, Lily Powder, Gorgon powder, oligofructose, maltodextrin, tuckahoe powder, hemp seed powder, lactic acid rod Bacteria, food additives (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, citric acid, acesulfame K, stevia, Food flavor;) Unsuitable crowd: infants, pregnant women Storage conditions: Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, Humid or high temperature How to eat: Take a bag and add 100-200ml warm water to mix and drink. Take 1-2 times a day after meals. Shelf life: 24 months 产品名称:慕之堂益生菌植物酵素固体饮料 配料:果蔬酵素粉(苹果酵素、西芹酵素、凤梨酵素、 甘蓝酵素、柠檬酵素)、决明子粉、山药粉、荷叶粉、百合粉、 芡实粉、低聚果糖、麦芽糊精、茯苓粉、火麻仁粉、嗜乳酸杆 菌、食品添加剂(羧甲基纤维素钠、柠檬酸、安赛蜜、甜菊糖甘、 食用香精;) 不宜人群:婴幼儿、孕妇人群 储葡条件:请置于阴凉干燥通风处,避免阳光直射, 潮湿或高温处 食用方法:取一袋加入100-200ml温水冲调饮用, 每日1-2次餐后食用。 保质期:24个月 Surging activity, straight to the stomach The digestive tract environment of the human body is very complicated. After stomach acid, There are few bacteria that can survive after the environment such as bile. Enzyme benefits Bacteria, so that probiotics can reach your intestines alive, fight Create a green intestinal environment. The number of probiotics, 10 billion! Heart Enzyme probiotics 5g per sachet, containing more than 10 billion live bacteria. Eat 1-10 billion live daily Bacteria are good for the health of the body, while enzymes are good Bacteria can greatly meet your needs. 澎湃活性,直达肠胃 人体的消化道环境很复杂,在经过胃酸, 胆汁等环境后能存活的菌种很少。酵素益 生菌,让益生菌活着能到达您的肠道,打 造绿色的肠道环境。 益生菌数量,100亿!心 酵素益生菌每小袋5g,含有多于 100亿个活菌。每天食入10-100亿活 菌对身体的健康才有好处,而酵素益 生菌能大大满足您所需。 Pour the probiotics into the cup with warm water at 37℃ 100-200ml Eat after mixing 把益生菌倒入杯中用37℃一下温水 100-200ml 冲调后食用

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