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Lohas Phylum Husk 车前子外壳 250g

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Product Specification

: Groceries & Pets  >  Beverage  >  Organic & Wholesome Drinks
: Lohas Phylum Husk 车前子外壳 250g
: Lohas Phylum Husk 车前子外壳 250g
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 15.00 x 12.00 x 20.00
: 0.72000
Manufacturing Country
: Malaysia
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: No Warranty
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: -
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: Selangor

Product Description

=Product introduction/产品介绍=

The shell of the front of the car can promote the digestion and creep of the intestine and other effects, the human body should consume at least 27 grams of cellulose per day, in order to play a role in preventing disease and health care. The anterior shell is the most found substance containing dietary fiber to date. The seed shell in front of the front is called Front front (or front shell), native to Iran and India, and the front shell of each unit contains 86% of the dietary fiber.



=Nutritional value /营养价值=

1. Relieves constipation and promotes weight loss.

2. Prevention of three high and cardiovascular diseases

3. Prevention and treatment of constipation and intestinal diseases

4. Reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease

5. Prevention of colorectal inflammation and cancer and other diseases

1. 缓解便秘,促进减肥。

2. 预防三高及心血管疾病

3. 防治便秘及肠道疾病

4. 降低心血管疾病发病率

5. 预防大肠炎及癌等疾病


=Suitable for people/适宜人群=

Are edible in the general population.

Note: Diabetic patients, kidney deficiency cold people, prone to fatigue people should be careful to eat the shell of the front of the car.




Product name/產品名字:Lohas Phylum Husk 车前子外壳 250g

Brand 牌子:Lohas

Ingredient/成份: Phylum Husk

Net weight/內容量:250g

Application/用途:Paired with honey, apple cider vinegar, drink together to help defecate


Country of Origin/產地:China

Precautions/注意事項:Store in cool dry place/請放置陰涼處


Calories 卡路里per100g):53

Glycemic Index GI/ 升糖指数41

Glycemic index level:

When the glycemic index is below 55, it can be considered as a low-GI food.

When the glycemic index is between 55 and 70, the food is a medium GI food.

Foods with a glycemic index above 70 are considered high GI foods.


当血糖生成指数在55以下时, 可认为该食物为低GI食物;



Product Review


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