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LOHAS organic oat bran 有机燕麦麸 500g

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: LOHAS organic oat bran 有机燕麦麸 500g
: LOHAS organic oat bran 有机燕麦麸 500g
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Product Description

=Product introduction/产品介绍=

More than 95% of the water-soluble fibers in oats are distributed in oat bran after removing endosperm. Oat Bran is the most containing dietary fiber parts of oats, especially the most abundant beta dextran, beta dextran soluble dietary fiber, is known as the effective ingredient of hypolipidemia, while contributing to intestinal health, so oat fiber is known as "aristocratic dietary fiber."

燕麦中95%以上的水溶性纤维分布在除去胚乳后的燕麦麸皮。燕麦麸皮是燕麦含有膳食纤维最多的部分,特别是含有最丰富的 β 葡聚糖 ,β 葡聚糖属可溶性膳食纤维 ,是已知的降血脂有效成分 ,同时有助于肠道健康,因而燕麦纤维被誉为“贵族膳食纤维” 。


=Nutritional value /营养价值=

1. Lower cholesterol: The effect of wheat bran on lowering cholesterol is very obvious.

2. Hypoglycemic: Wheat bran dietary fiber by reducing the rate of glucose absorption in the intestinal wall cells, reduce the content of glucose in the plasma, reduce plasma insulin levels, and achieve the goal of treating diabetes.

3. Antioxidant: The content of a variety of antioxidant substances in wheat bran is very high, including vitamin E, phytic acid, ferulic acid, coumarin and so on.

4. Weight loss: Wheat bran can reduce the amount of cholesterol and other lipids in the body, efficient adsorption of body fat, promote fat metabolism, so as to play the effect of weight loss.

1. 降低胆固醇:燕麦麸针对降低胆固醇作用十分明显。

2. 降血糖:燕麦麸膳食纤维通过降低肠壁细胞吸收葡萄糖的速率,减少血浆中葡萄糖的含量,降低血浆胰岛素水平,而达到治疗糖尿病的目的。

3. 抗氧化:燕麦麸中多种抗氧化物质的含量都很高,包括维生素E、植酸、阿魏酸、香豆素等。

4. 减肥:燕麦麸可以降低人体内胆固醇等脂类的含量,高效吸附体内的脂肪,促进脂肪的代谢,从而起到减肥的效果。


=Suitable for people/适宜人群=

Are edible in the general population.


Note: Oats are good, but also the right amount: one should not eat too much, the average daily intake in the 30-60g is appropriate. Otherwise, it will cause stomach cramps or abdominal distension; too much also easy to slip the intestine, labor, so pregnant women should avoid food.



Product name/產品名字:LOHAS organic oat bran 有机燕麦麸 500g

Brand 牌子:Lohas

 Ingredient/成份: organic oat bran

Net weight/內容量:500g

 Application/用途:Cover 1 cupful of brown rice flakes with boiling water or a mixture of hot milk and water .bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes .serve and stir in some dried fruit and add flavor.


 Country of Origin/產地:Canada

 Precautions/注意事項:Store in cool dry place/請放置陰涼處


Calories 卡路里per100g):88

Glycemic Index GI/ 升糖指数44

Glycemic index level:

When the glycemic index is below 55, it can be considered as a low-GI food.

When the glycemic index is between 55 and 70, the food is a medium GI food.

Foods with a glycemic index above 70 are considered high GI foods.


当血糖生成指数在55以下时, 可认为该食物为低GI食物;



Product Review


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