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Product Description

Clinically proven to be pure, mild and gentle.
From baby's first hospital bath through every special milestone, moms and healthcare professionals alike trust Johnson's® baby products to provide the 'best in care.'

Features & Benefits

Johnson's® Baby Lotion
• For perfect babysoft skin
• For baby and for you
• Clinically proven mild and gentle
• Unmistakable babyfresh smell
• Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth

Johnson's® Baby Powder
• Helps to eliminate friction and chafing to help keep skin healthy and babysoft.
• Clinically proven mild.
• For added comfort
• Helps protect skin from rubbing & chafing
• Keeps skin soft & healthy

Johnson's® Baby Bath
• Everyday gentle cleansing
• Everyday Cleansing
• No More Tears® formula is mild to the eyes
• As gentle to baby's skin as pure water
• Babyfresh scent

Johnson's® Baby Shampoo
• As gentle to eyes as pure water
• For babysoft hair
• No More Tears® formula is gentle to the eyes
• Leaves hair babysoft with our unique babyfresh smell
• Ophthalmologist tested

Other Information

What does No More Tears® mean?

Because of their delayed blink and tear reflexes, babies are less able than adults to protect their eyes and rinse out harsh substances. This is something we're very conscious of, and it's why we created our No More Tears® range.
For a product to earn our No More Tears® stamp, it must pass through 4 strict stages of testing:
Ingredient & formulation review
Pre-clinical safety evaluation
Human ocular test
Medical review
We do this to make sure it's as mild on your baby's sensitive eyes as pure water, and only then do we give it the special stamp that's been trusted by generations of mums.

What is Clinically Proven Mildness®, and what does it mean?

A baby's skin is much more delicate than an adult's, and it requires a bit of extra special care. This is why we make sure that every single Johnson's® baby product is clinically proven mild, and that it can carry this unique stamp.
To earn this stamp, a product needs to pass through four strict clinical tests. These tests are done to make sure that it doesn't:
Irritate skin
Cause an allergic reaction
Irritate skin when exposed to sunlight
Cause an allergic reaction when exposed to sunlight
Conducting these tests is a process that can take many months and thousands of hours. Only after a product has passed all four will we stamp it, and allow it to be used on your little one's beautiful skin.

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Johnson's Baby Toiletries Travel Kit 50ml

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