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【Happy Bath】Essence Body Wash 900g | 5 Types Blush Pink

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: Health & Beauty  >  Bath & Body  >  Body Soap & Shower Gel
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Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 17.00 x 30.00 x 5.00
: 1.00

Product Description

?Happy Bath?
Essence Body Wash 900g

Available in:
01 Grapefruit Essence (Orange)
02 May Rose Essence (Blush Pink)
03 Lavender Essence (Lavender)
04 Magnolia Essence (Light Blue)
05 White Rose Essence (Off White)

"Body care & lifestyle brand that offers happiness through life enriching products"
Happy Bath offers natural body care products for the whole family by capturing various ingredients from across the world that have been proven for their skin benefits based on long-standing research history, such as rose and soapberries.
Happy Bath applies its own unique technology, the Happybath Blooming Scent Technology?, to capture the best scents of nature in its products. It collects and captures the fragrance of plants at the exact moment it reaches its peak by considering the various factors that impact the oil, such as natural conditions like the climate, as well as maturity, time of collection and parts of the plants to use.
Since Happy Bath achieved No. 1 ranking in domestic sales in the body cleanser category in 2007, it maintains its No. 1 position in terms of body wash market share in Korea until present day. Happy Bath, beloved and adored by many, even at this moment continues to raise its status in the body care market based on proven product competitiveness.

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