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Halal Nissin Japanese Ramen [Sesame/Chicken/Spicy Sesame/Tomyam/Garlic Chicken/Kyushu/Shoyu/Miso/Umakara] 日清日本拉面/出前一丁拉面

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: Groceries & Pets  >  Dried & Canned Foods  >  Noodles & Vermicelli
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: (一丁)- Garlic 1pc
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: 5.00 x 5.00 x 5.00
: 0.20
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: Kuala Lumpur

Product Description

Halal Nissin Japanese Ramen [Sesame/Chicken/Spicy Sesame/Tomyam/Garlic Chicken/Kyushu/Shoyu/Miso/Umakara] 日清日本拉面/出前一丁拉面 HALAL PRODUCT [Brand] Nissin [Size] Piece JAPAN NISSIN RAMEN  Best Selling Instant Noodle in Japan ! A bowl of enriched broth soup ramen brings you a real and authentic taste of Japan.  【Japan Nissin 日清拉面】 4 Flavor : Kyushu Black Ramen 蒜香口味拉面 - Thick creamy broth flavored soup ramen with roasted black garlic oil and sesame, thick straight noodles in chewy texture. Special garnish with egg and leek. The savory garlic oil enhances the ramen taste and makes it more delicious!  Tokyo Shoyu Ramen 酱油口味拉面 - Clear soup blend with soy sauce bonito(鲣鱼), thick straight noodle in chewy texture. Special garnish with egg, leek, and fishcake, make a more delicious and fresh taste of ramen! Hokkaido Miso Ramen 北海道味噌口味拉面 - Authentic taste of Hokkaido Miso flavored soup ramen topped with Spicy hot five-spices powder (香辣五香粉). Thick and chewy straight noodles inhale in the spicy hot soup to stimulate your taste buds. Uma-Kara Spicy Ramen 辛辣口味拉面 - Spicy taste blend with savouriness (umami 鲜味) and spiciness (karami 辣味). Thick and chewy straight noodles mix with the tasty hot and spicy flavored soup ramen. Bring to you another level of spiciness 【Japan Nissin 日清食品 出前一丁】 5 Flavor : Sesame Oil Ramen 芝麻油口味拉面 - A rich taste of sesame oil flavored soup ramen with chewy and smooth noodle texture. Slurp your favorite bowl of Japanese ramen ! Chicken Ramen 鸡蓉口味拉面 - A juicy taste of chicken flavoured soup ramen served with soy sauce and soya protein stock. To make the chicken flavored more savory , Demae Iccho chicken ramen is seasoned with garlic , ginger and spices. Included sesame oil, a bowl of chicken ramen with more sharpness in chicken savouriness. Spicy Sesame Ramen 辣芝麻口味拉面 - A spicy flavoured soup ramen rich in sesame and chili oil, containing La-yu chili (辣油)to rich more spicy taste. Spicy lover must try it! Tom Yum Ramen 泰国东炎口味拉面 - A Thai spicy and sour Tom Yum flavored soup ramen integrated with Demae Iccho sesame oil,  taste the real Thai Tom Yum in a ramen bowl ! Garlic Chicken Ramen 蒜香鸡口味拉面 - A rich and creamy juicy chicken flavored ramen served with garlic-based stock, chicken seasoning and spices. The thicker and chewy ramen noodles taste more firm in the enriched garlic chicken ramen.   Cooking instruction : 1) Add noodles into 500ml boiling water and cook for about 4 minutes. 2) Add on the seasoning pack, mix well before serving. Product of Indonesia

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