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Freeze Dried Instant Ginseng Bird’s Nest 新年限量版8份x5g 冻干即食泡参纯燕窝饼 Sarang Burung

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JSY Bird Nest
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: Health & Beauty  >  Dietary Supplements  >  Beauty Suppliments
: JSY Birds Nest 菁思燕
: Not Specified
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 25.00 x 25.00 x 7.00
: 0.87500
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: Malaysia
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: No Warranty
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Product Description

冻干即食泡参纯燕窝饼 Freeze Dried Instant Ginseng Bird’s Nest 有了冻干即食泡参纯燕窝饼,不用再为没时间炖燕窝而烦恼了 一款战胜传统燕窝的繁琐步骤免洗,免挑,免炖的燕窝。享受燕窝就这么简单 冻干即食泡参纯燕窝饼选用100% 高品质燕窝,纯手工挑选羽毛与清洗。 采用航天人员食物采用的冻干锁鲜黑科技把精炖的高营养牢固锁住,在无菌零下55度° 真空抽干水份处理,让燕窝可以保鲜保质。只减水份不减营养,锁住营养成分,因此遇水即可还原。无需防腐剂保质期长达12个月,而且冻干即食泡参纯燕窝饼的营养成分和鲜炖燕窝是一样。 在零水份下,轻盈拥戴,快捷滋补。简单卫生又容易携带。让您随时随地享受方便的营养,和美味可口的美容滋补。 ❌无采用色素 ❌无防腐剂 ❌不采用漂白剂 两种食用方法: 1️⃣将冻干即食泡参纯燕窝饼加入70ml,热水冲泡,等待两分钟还原鲜炖口感,即可享用。 2️⃣开袋即食,零食干吃香脆又营养。 成份: 燕窝,泡参,枸杞,红枣和冰糖 每份净重5g,现有两种选择: 1️⃣九片装(9 x 5g) 2️⃣八片装(8 x 5g)特别赠送一个精美陶瓷碗。 ☎️ 012- 497-8766 欢迎代理询问 Freeze Dried Instant Ginseng Bird’s Nest it save your works in cleaning and cooking. Solve the problem of preparing bird’s nest, No soaking, No feather picking, No cleaning and No simmering needed. We ensure all our products are 100% pure and clean. Freeze Dried Instant Ginseng Bird’s Nest produced with Freeze Dried Technology, Sterile -55 ° vacuum dry water treatment, perfectly retains the nutritious of bird’s nest and keep it fresh. NO preservatives shelf life up to 12 months. Under zero moisture, easy to carry. Therefore, you can enjoy this wonderful product anytime, anywhere. ❌NO Colorings ❌NO Preservatives ❌NEVER Use Bleach Two way to enjoy : 1️⃣Put in a cup with 70ml of boiling water. Wait 2 minutes, stir well and consume. 2️⃣Ready to eat, dry snacks are crispy and nutritious. Ingredients: Bird’s Nest, American Ginseng, Wolfberry, Red Dates and Crystal Sugar. Net weight 5g, There are 2 options : 1️⃣9 pieces (9 x 5g) 2️⃣8 pieces (8 x 5g) and special gift a beautiful ceramic bowl ☎️ 012- 497-8766 Welcome agent inquiries

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