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Eco Green Bio Halal Nano Enzyme Odour Remover - Mini (250 ml) #Airestec #bioenzymes #bio #eco-label #green #ecofriendly #eco #halal #non-corrosive #neutral #foodgrade #child-friendly #pet-friendly #biodegradable #safe

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: Home & Lifestyle  >  Laundry & Cleaning Equipment  >  Cleaning Tools
: Airestec
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: 7.00 x 7.00 x 13.00
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: Malaysia
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Product Description

ECO GREEN BIO HALAL NANO ENZYME ODOUR REMOVER - MINI (250 ml) (AIRESTEC BMESC -3M)- Certified Eco, Bio, Green, Halal & Nano;-Removes bacterial biofilm, blood & protein from surfaces & substrates (these can cause odours);-pH 7.0 neutral & 100% biodegrades;-Safe to humans, wastewater plants, eco/aqua/agri systems;-Ideal for commercial, industrial & home cleaning;-Prevents contamination, food spoilage & smell;-Does not damage or weaken structures;- Nano means that it can penetrate deeper to breakdown biofilms (mould, fungus, bacteria, etc)It’s basically an Australian technology brought to Malaysia & now manufactured here in Malaysia with R & D both here in Malaysia & in Australia. The BMESC - 3M is specifically designed to penetrate, breakdown & release contamination, bacteria, fungus & mould on the surface of the indoor environment.Drain pipes blocked due to high levels of fat, oil, grease & other food products will encourage the growth of bacteria & germs, rotten smells, diseases & pests.The BMESC - 3M has a multi purpose function incl. to (1) unclog drain pipes (2) clean kitchen benchtops/walls, & (3) bathroom floors. Even after cleaning the benchtops/walls & floors, the wastewater being poured away into the drain pipe can unclog the pipe at the same time.AIRESTEC products have been proven to be safe & powerful biofilm (jelly/slime) removers that are also cost effective. By using enzymes instead of chemicals, we can save the environment & improve our living standards.The main advantages of using BMESC - 3M are:-Non-hazardous/ non-toxic;-Biodegradable (Eco-label certified);-Water-based;-Environmentally-friendly;-Eliminates odours;-Non-GMO Food Grade Enzymes;-Reduce blockages in pipes;-Does not damage or weaken structures /components of building & equipment;- Economical as it's highly efficient & concentratedThe BMESC - 3M is an Eco-label BioNexus product that is manufactured by an ISO 14001 standards co. & is highly certified & proven to work so quality of the highest standards is assured. It is non-corrosive, non-GMO, food-grade & 100% biodegradable. Enzyme tech simply makes it more effective than other methods out there! The AIRESTEC enzymes are the only enzymes in the market that readily biodegrade within 28 days!How does enzyme tech work & why is it the best method of cleaning? -Basically, it works the same way as the enzymes in our stomach which help to breakdown the food that we eat, making it easier for us to digest the food. Similarly, the AIRESTEC enzymes will breakdown the bonding of all the biofilms, fungus & algae including their roots, thus, causing them to drop off & easy to flush off with water. This makes it a truly comprehensive cleaning solution unlike what is out there in the market (whether chemicals or organic) which only clean the surface but not what lies beneath or what is rooted into the surface. If the roots are not removed, then within a short time, the biofilms, fungus & algae will start to grow again.Airestec recently won the ASEAN Business Awards 2020 for SME Excellence (Innovation).For more, go to:; As much as possible, we will use reuseable/recycleable materials for packaging. We believe in the 3Rs of ''Zero Wastage'' (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle).LEAVE NO CARBON FOOTPRINTS BEHIND!

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