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: PNJ1170
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Product Description

(1 box 7 patches, 7 days Servings)

Easy Fit patches offer a unique technology delivered in a sleek dermal delivery system designed for effective application and flexible use.


Unlike antiquated patches. Easy Fit patches rely on a unique technology that allows active ingredients to be sealed in our time release adhesive matrix allowing for comfortable all day use. Upon application, Easy Fitpatches rely on body heat to activate the adhesive matrix and allow for a gradual and steady dispersion of ingredients. The skin barrier is permeated by ingredients ground down to as small as 1 micron in size.


The ingredients absorption is facilitated by the proprietary non-toxic acrylic adhesive, which upon application loosens and steadily repels away from the skin, thus forcing the ingredients into the body. With countless applications benefiting from steady and direct application and absorption, it's clear to see why Easy Fit patches will be innovating for years to come.


Whether you hate the thought of having to swallow pills everyday, or just find the idea inconvenient or even embarrassing, EASY FIT is a great alternative to diet pills that are well worth considering.


* Burn Fat
* Increase Body Metabolism
* Reduce Appetite
* Reduce Cholesterol Level
* Reduce absorption of carbohydrates & sugar
* Detox 
* Reduce Water Retention
* Reduce Blood Fats
* Improves Bone Density
* Maintain Muscle Mass


Forearm / Back Shoulder / Inner Wrist


Ingredients of Easy Fit patches:


?Green Tea Extract




Expected Results :

01-15 days : Suppress appetite , increase of detoxification effect ( urineation / defecation), speed up body metabolism process.

15-30 days : Begin body reshaping effect


1 box 7 patches, 7 days Servings

 4 boxes for Basic of treatment (One month use)

12 boxes for Advanced of treatment (Three month use)


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Easy Fit Slimming Patch USA 美国升级版溶脂贴 (4 boxes)

RM 300.00 / Per Item



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