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Dr Mos Xmos Mosquito Repellent Ubat Nyamuk organik NonToxic 100% mosquitoes X’Mos spray Mini Killer Spray 最安全灭蚊剂 迷你灭蚊剂 Robot s store

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: Home & Lifestyle  >  Outdoor & Gardens  >  Weeds & Pets Control
: Xmos
: spray
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 11.00 x 4.00 x 4.00
: 50.00
Manufacturing Country
: Malaysia
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: No Warranty
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: Johor

Product Description

Dr. Mos

For X’MOS, metofluthrin (SumiOne®) migrates to the surface of the particle and release over an 8 hours. It slowly releases the nano molecule into the air. This enables X’MOS to guarantee insecticidal performance for 8 hours. However, concentration of insecticide declines after 5th hour & onward.

Top TEN Key Features & Benefits of X'Mos Mini Aerosol :

Effective & fast action against all mosquitoes, Aedes mosquito as well

Nano Tech Slow Release Technology

Non-oily & non staining, clean & dry formulation

Odorless & non-irritating

Metered valve - Accurate dose.Longer lasting (up to 830 sprays)

No wastages, could repels and kills house flies, ants and roaches too.

High safety margin comparing to all the aerosol insecticide products.

Value for money , significant cost saving of 60% to 75% for consumers

Versatile with various applications, indoor or outdoor, compacted & portable. Smaller room or bigger room, can spray a few time lesser or spray more, totally flexible.

Can use in car too, just one spray, all the mosquito in the car will be eliminate immediately.


What is the difference between the active agent of X’MOS and that of regular CAMR?

The anti-mosquito agent of X’MOS (Metofluthrin) and CAMR (prallethrin & permethrin) are classified as synthetic pyrethroids, inspired from natural insecticides contained in the chrysanthemum flowers. However, the active agent metofluthrin contained in X’MOS has much higher vapor pressure so that it evaporates more easily in the air & does not leave any residue.

Why is the volume of X’mos only 83 ml, whereas other aerosol repellents may reach 600 ml?

With 83 ml, X’MOS may be used up to 830 pushes of usage. Everyday 4 pushes can lasts for 200 days. This is because its active agent can evaporate automatically, so that its active agent may optimally spread out in the air without falling to the ground, so that no large volume is necessary.1) The product like all pesticides should not be directly applied to the skin. If accidental contact occurs there is likely to be no significant effects apart from a possible slight tingling called paraethesia.

Metofluthrin is of low acute and chronic toxicity. There are no special concerns for children or infants however it is always good practice to minimise exposure of infants to any pest control products.

Exposure to high levels of metofluthrin in animal studies was not associated with any significant reproductive or developmental toxicity, so there are no special concerns for pregnant women. However it is always good practice to minimise exposure to pesticides for pregnant women.

Product detail: 50g X 83ml


X'mos迷你灭蚊剂 绝对是物超所值!


* 4 个角落的喷射,8个小时的保障

* 高达800次的喷射,使用长达200 天

* 环保,无刺激性,无味,高安全质量

* 高达65%至75%的节省

* 采用缓释及纳米微技术,使防护时间更长久

* 家有孕妇/宝宝 都能安全使用

#无毒驱蚊剂 #灭蚊剂 #Outdoor #Camping #Fishing #babyfriendlymosquitorepellent

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