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Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 15.00 x 10.00 x 3.00
: 1.00

Product Description

About this product:

·       Social game of bluffing and deception

·       A stand-alone card game set in the universe of The Resistance.

·       Mechanisms: Memory, Player Elimination, Take That, Variable Player Powers

·       Ideal for ages 14+, 2-6 players, 15 minutes playing time


In a future where the government is run for profit, all but a privileged few live lives of poverty and desperation. Out of these oppressed masses are sown the seeds of a rebellion that throws the government into chaos.

Many see hope for a brighter future for the first time in their lives. Others see opportunity for absolute power.

To take command, you must destroy the influence of your rivals and drive them into exile.


·       15 character cards
(3 each of Duke, Assassin, Captain, Ambassador, Contessa)

·       6 summary cards

·       50 coins

·       Rules

*Actual packaging and product artworks/colors may vary from the pictures and video shown


What others say about this product

“Plays very quick and feels like poker. I have played this with several different groups and have yet to find someone that didn't like it. Thanks to the quick playing time, you can convince most anyone to at least give it a shot. I highly recommend this game as a fun ice breaker.

“This is a fun game for a large group of people. It is fairly simple and basic but that adds to the fun. It does not take hours to play and is easy to learn the rules. It can get boring playing with the same people all the time, so mix it up!”

“I played this game at a friend's house and had a blast. It's hilarious if you have players willing to take risks. The game set up is simple and does not require many parts. So happy to finally have a copy of my own!”


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Coup: The Dystopian Universe Card Game

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