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Clair De Lune DAY&NIGHT REFINING CREAM 日夜修复霜 10ml (CDL)

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: PNJ1181
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Product Description

Clair De Lune Day & Night Refining Cream   


Multi-effect Day Cream :   

Tuberose, Wild rose extract, Vitamin C, Marigold, Vaseline, Chamomile oil, Purified water. S. Involucrata   

Multi-effect Night Cream :   

Tian Shan snow lotus, White poria, White peony extract, Wild sea buckthorn oil, Licorice, Rosehip oil.   



Day Cream Function Anti-inflammatory properties with a calming and soothing effect, stimulate metabolism of the skin, reduce acne and eczema, repair damaged skin, deep moisturizing and deep cleansing, accelerate skin rejuvenation, reduce spider veins, leaving you with firm and bouncy skin.   


Night Cream Function Anti-aging properties, remove age spots and reduce wrinkles, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, smoothen and brighten skin, activate blood circulation, achieve oil and water balance, improve tone and glow, detox, remove acne and repair pockmarks.   


Storage Lasts one year and above when sealed and 6 months after unsealing. Recommended to use within half a year after unsealing, as the active plant-based essence gradually dissipates in contact with air. Keep out of direct sunlight. Store in cool and dry place, ideally under 25 degrees celcius. After unsealing, it is natural for the cream to decolorise due lack of preservatives.   

Instructions for use:   

To apply as the last step after cleanser, moisturiser, serum and emulsifier, day and night. Apply lightly to the whole face for thorough absorption.   

Special notice:   

 Pregnant women to use with care, as the cream contains herbal medicinal properties. While ingredients are wholly plant-based, it does not equate to zero risk of allergic reaction. Individual reactions are heavily contingent upon the person’s physique, whether the skin has been damaged due to prior exposure to heavy metals, seasonal effects, immune system downtimes, etc. It is recommended for allergy-prone users to test lightly behind the ear or neck. If a reaction occurs, suspend usage and observe for couple days. If the reaction subsides, it is likely to be natural healing process for previously damaged skin and safe for continuous use. If the reaction persists for a prolonged duration, stop usage until the skin recovers completely. Our promise, peace of mind All-natural plant-based ingredients carefully curated via ultrasound extraction methods. Its herbal medicine base has natural anti-bacterial properties, hence no need to artificially suppress bacteria in the production process. CDL has zero artificial scent, pigment, stabiliser, chemical emulsifier or chemical.

  • anti-inflammatory
  • repair allergy
  • reduce blackhead acne
  • spot
  • Blemish
  • whitening
  • minimize pores are not a problem

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