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Biocare Orange Concentrate Powder 30's x 2g (500mg Vitamin C)

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: Health & Beauty  >  Dietary Supplements  >  Beauty Suppliments
: Biocare
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Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 10.50 x 16.50 x 3.50
: 0.15
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: Malaysia
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: Warranty By Month
Warranty Value
: 1 Months
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: This item have come with one month warranty , but once open already the warranty will be void .
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: Perak

Product Description

Benefits : ✔ Boost immunity ✔ Anti-aging ✔ Powerful antioxidant What are the benefits of taking vitamin C? Vitamin C is necessary for growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It's involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the proper functioning of the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. Our orange concentrate powder contains (500mg) of vitamin C. It's the best choice of drink during these times to maintain and boost your immune systems. Ingredients: Orange Powder 2gm Direction of Use: Take 1-2 sachets daily after meal. BIOCARE Orange Concentrate Powder into 200ml of warm water or cold water. stir well and serve. 好处 : ✔ 增强免疫力 ✔ 抗衰老 ✔ 强力抗氧化 服用维生素C有什么好处? 维生素 C 是所有身体组织生长、发育和修复所必需的。它涉及许多身体功能,包括胶原蛋白的形成、铁的吸收、免疫系统的正常运作、伤口愈合以及软骨、骨骼和牙齿的维护。我们的橙子浓缩粉含有 (500 毫克) 维生素 C。在这段时间里,它是维持和增强免疫系统的最佳饮品。 成分 : 鲜橙浓缩粉 2克 食用建议 : 餐后把1-2 包BIOCARE 鲜橙浓缩粉倒入200毫升的温或冷水,搅拌均匀即可。 Faedah: ✔ Menguatkan imuniti ✔ Anti penuaan ✔ Antioksida yang kuat Apakah faedah pengambilan vitamin C? Vitamin C diperlukan untuk pertumbuhan, perkembangan dan pembaikan semua tisu badan. Ia melibatkan banyak fungsi badan, termasuk pembentukan kolagen, penyerapan zat besi, fungsi normal sistem imun, penyembuhan luka, dan penyelenggaraan tulang rawan, tulang dan gigi. Serbuk pekat oren kami mengandungi (500 mg) vitamin C. Pada masa ini, ia adalah minuman terbaik untuk mengekalkan dan menguatkan sistem imun. Kandungan: Serbuk Oren 2gm Cara Pengambilan: Ambil 1-2 sachet sehari selepas makan. Campurkan ke dalam 200ml air suam atau air sejuk. kacau rata dan hidang.

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