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: Kids & Baby  >  Toys & Others  >  Outdoor Toys
: Bestway
: 36013
: 36013-C
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 15.50 x 0.60 x 32.50
: 0.10

Product Description

Bestway 36013 56cm 22" Designer Swim Ring Kids Children's Animal Design Swimming New

Bestway-- jumping fun, let the children safe and enjoy the play --- is the wishes of his parents, but also the needs of children! Trampoline jumping mus brings children plenty of "Qi" happy.

This is a game that needs to be shared, and it is a safe, healthy, and relatively independent game that can give parents a chance to breathe!

The mus and dance is trampoline inflatable plast toys can be placed indoors or outdoors for children to play, can accommodate 2 children while playing and jumping, fun, absolute security. Hand scrub and disinfection, to ensure clean and sanitary.

1 .inflatable use, the use is completed, can be stored after the release of air. Please do not use washing machine, hair dryer, and chemal agents for cleaning.
For the first time in 2 .inflation after 24 hours, because the PVC material has been adapted to play the inflatable requirements, may produce weak slack, as long as the amount of air can be solved.
3 .inflation amount, should not be too full, so as not to cause damage to the drum package.
4 .avoid the sofa placed in the flame and high temperature objects.
5 .avoid pets on the sofa to play, and to keep the ground level of the sofa, to avoid sharp object injury sofa.
6 .recommendations in the purchase of products to buy special repair glue standby.
7 .children need to play in adult care, do not let children with sharp, hard, to avoid the child to play when the cause of suffocation.
8 .storage and cleaning: Bestway products are taken with other brands of different non-tox plastizer, although the cost has increased, but the product is more reliable and non-tox and harmless!

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Bestway 36013 56cm 22" Designer Swim Ring Kids Children's Animal Design Swimming New Blue

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