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(Best Buy) HY Laser 303 Military Green Laser Pointer 2018 New Release Green

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Product Specification

: Home Appliances  >  Audio  >  Portable Speakers
: Not Specified
: 303
: 11elevenwatch411
Dimension (Lenght x Width x Height)
: 3.00 x 3.00 x 4.00
: 1.00

Product Description

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  • 50000mW Laser 303 Pointer Adjustable Focus Burning
  • 50000mW Laser 303 Pointer Adjustable Focus Burning
  • 50000mW Laser 303 Pointer Adjustable Focus Burning

More info


  • Body material: aerometal
  • Switch: constant on/off button
  • Focus mode: adjustable
  • Expected lifetime: > 8000 hours
  • Working time: >1hours
  • Laser range: 1000-8000meters
  • Max brightness: >350lm
  • OutPut:200mW


  • Surface treatment:hard anodizing black
  • Wave length:532nm/650nm/405nm
  • Safety level:Class III B
  • Circuit control:APC
  • Flare forms:plaque-forming - circle
  • Beam style:continuous line
  • Spot size:6M place
  • Working voltage:DC=3.0-3.7V
  • Preheat time: < 3seconds
  • Working temperature:15 degrees C to 35 degrees C
  • Storage temperature:minus 10 degrees C to 40 degrees C
  • Body Color:Black
  • Laser Color:Green/Red
  • Dimensions:160mm×22mm×22mm

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50000mW Laser 303 Pointer Adjustable Focus Burning50000mW Laser 303 Pointer Adjustable Focus Burning50000mW Laser 303 Pointer Adjustable Focus Burning

Laser Pointer JD-303Salah satu model laser yang digunakan untuk tentara dalam membidik senjatanyaSebuah senter Laser dengan kekuatan power yang cukup besar dan memiliki fitur pernak - pernik yang indah untuk merubah fokusnya ketika diputar.Dengan bahan dasar besi yang kokoh dan kuatDengan jarak tembak hingga 1 (satu) Kilo MeterKelengkapan :- Laser Pointer JD-303- Power Out


Laser 306 Military Green Laser Pointer

1. Don't irradiated the eyes of humans and animals directly
2. Not recommends open the laser pen more than 20 seconds ,or it will overheating and affect the life of the laser
3. Please remove the battery when not in use, don't let the child get
4. If found seriously reduce brightness, please note to charge the battery or replace battery

Product name?Green Light Laser Pen
Beam style: Continuous line.
Switch: Momentary Switch
Power supply : 1 x 18650 battery (Included)
Body material: Aerometal
Case color: Black
Light color: Green
Size: 148x22x22mm (L x Head Dia x Tail Dia)
Total Weight?247g

Battery and Charger Specification:
Color: Red
Battery: 1 x 18650 3.7V 480mAh Li-ion Battery
Dimension: 65mm x 18mm (HxDia)
Charger Imput : AC 110-220V 47-63HZ
Output current: DC3.7V 450mah

Package Included:
1 x Green Light Laser Pen
2 x Keys
1 x Charger
1 x 18650 Battery

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