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: Home Appliances  >  Small Kitchen Appliances  >  Juicer & Fruit Extraction
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: AZT-SJ1000
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 16.00 x 27.30 x 40.70
: 4.89

Product Description




Auger Motion Technology

Conventional juicers utilise a fast spinning metal blade that spins and cuts fruits against a mesh filter to extract its juice. Such centrifugal force generates heat and oxidises the juice, which destroys most of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables, making it less nutritious and poor in taste. Spinning at a low speed of 80 rounds per minutes (RPM), the Aztech JuiceMAX compresses the fruits and extracts the juice without introducing as much frictional heat and oxygen as traditional juicers, keeping more of the rich nutrients and freshness from the fruits and vegetables.

Juice Your Vegetables

Unlike most conventional juicers that grind vegetables into fine mash with a low yield of juice, the Aztech JuiceMAX is capable of extracting the juice from a large variety of vegetables by compressing the juice out. 

Efficient Without The Loud Noise

Because the Aztech JuiceMAX gently compresses and squeezes out the juice using the auger motion technology, it produces less noise compared to conventional juicers that produces loud grinding noise due to its high-speed spinning blade. 

Ease of Usage and No Fuss Maintenance

The Aztech JuiceMAX is intuitively designed for ease of setup and cleaning. Simple rinse the juicing chamber by pouring clean water into the running juicer and 95% of the leftover pulp will be washed out. 

Key Benefits

• Maximum flavour and nutrients preserved
• Juices are insusceptible to oxidation
• Juice wide variety of fruits and vegetables
• Quiet operation
• Easy to clean


  • Auger Motion Technology
  • Less to More Pulp adjustment slider
  • Slanted feeding plate
  • Durable AC induction Motor
  • Anti-clog Reverse function



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Aztech Slow Juicer Maker SJ1000

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