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[5 Packs] Serbajadi Seeds F1 Hybrid Broccoli ( BBS034 )

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: 5BBS034
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Serbajadi F1 Hybrid Broccoli -Brassica oleracea L. cymosa group, syn. R. italica Plenck Calabrese

Broccoli is a heavy feeder with a wide, deep root system. Broccoli is planted for it's immature flower or head. The tight green heads of broccoli that are regularly available in supermarkets are also sometimes referred to as calabrese. Broccoli is packed with nutrients. Just one stalk will give you 3 times the vitamin C you need as well as all the vitamin A and vitamin K. . It’s also packed with dietary fibre. Like other cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower, Broccoli also contains beta carotene, a carotenoid and the phytonutrient sulforaphane and indoles which have anti-cancer effects. In addition to all of the other benefits of Broccoli, it is also low in calories and contains 45% protein. Broccoli is also helpful for combating stress, and in promoting muscle relaxation and sleep.Broccoli is best cut into florets and steamed until tender. Instead of just eating the florets, wash and chjop up the stem and leaves that are rich in vitamins A, C and K. As they are slightly harder than the delicate florets, drop these parts into the pot a minute earlier to make sure everything is cooked to the same degree.Broccoli soup is good when blitzed with soft creamy garlic cheese, or try broccoli and stilton soup for a decadent treat. If you cut it finely, it is good in stir-fries but it can be eaten raw too. Broccoli is great in quiches, as a substitute for cauliflower in cauliflower cheese, and goes well with cream in a pasta sauce. You can roast broccoli; toss it in oil with some herbs and bake in the oven until it goes crispy. Lightly steamed broccoli is delicious when eaten cold with a vinaigrette dressing making it a main or as a side dish.

Type of vegetable:Sprouting Head

Edible parts:Heads, the leaves and stems may also be eaten.


Best soil:Broccoli prefers full sun and anitrogen-rich garden soil with good calcium content, Soils should be well drained and not too rich in nitrogen otherwise the plants get soft and sappy, with very leafy growth. A pH of 6.0-7.0 is ideal. Keep soil moist during the growing season.

How to plant:Seeds are best when started in seed trays before being transplanted. Water the ground before transplanting and firm the plants in well. You can also sow broccoli in situ in damp drills. Seeds are planted in threes, 20 cm apart in the rows. Leave broccoli plenty of space to develop a large head and ensure adequate airflow between plants to reduce the risk of disease. Keep soil moist during the growing season. Fertilise with a general purpose fertiliser every 3-4 weeks.

When to harvest:Broccoli will form its first head in about 85 - 90 days. Harvest broccoli when the heads have developed firm green florets or loose, coloured buds and before the flower starts to unfold or it will turn bitter.

How to harvest:Cut off the side shoots with a sharp knife as and when you want them leaving a long stem before any yellow flowers appear. To get a second harvest, leave the bottom stalk after cutting at least 4 inches of stem along with the main head. Four to six cuttings are possible from a single plant.

Care:Broccoli requires quite a lot of attention. You need to keep weeds out of the way and the plants watered in dry weather. If the site is exposed, broccoli stalks may needstaking to prevent damage. You can mulch around plants to prevent water loss. Feed plants every three to four weeks with nitrogen-rich fertiliser. Soak cut heads in salt water before cooking to drive out any tiny green cabbage worms that may be hiding inside. Broccoli is extremely susceptible to insects are also effective.


Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

[5 Packs] Serbajadi Seeds F1 Hybrid Broccoli ( BBS034 )

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