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: 2.5Mpa 25kg Manual Hydraulic Water Pressure
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 5.00 x 5.00 x 5.00
: 8.00

Product Description

2.5Mpa 25kg Manual Hydraulic Water Pressure Pipeline Test Pump Machine

2.5Mpa 25kg Manual Hydraulic Water Pressure Pipeline Test Pump Machine


2.5Mpa 25kg Manual Hydraulic Water Pressure Pipeline Test Pump Machine Tools


Specification :

Material: Metal
Pressure: 2.5MPa
Flow: 13ml / time
Color: Yellow
Size: 29x18x10cm

Suitable for water, or hydraulic oil as a medium, for a variety of pressure vessels, pipes, valves and other pressure test, but also for hydraulic energy, to provide the required pressure; for chemical, construction, plumbing, oil, coal, Shipbuilding and other industries.
Normal tap water pressure of 0.3MPa, high-rise residential 0.4MPa, water pipe pressure pressure generally pressurized to 0.8MPa-1.0MPa. (Tap water 0.1MPa 1KG pressure)

How to use?
1. Connect the water hose to the water pipe
2. Close the switch when the pipe is filled with water and the air is discharged
3. Fill the tank with water, and then tilt the plate up and down, began to test pressure
4. When the pressure gauge readings rise to the need for pressure, you can stop the pressure;
5. After stopping the pressure, if the pressure gauge does not drop on the pressure gauge, it can prove that the pipe pressure performance is good, on the contrary, it proves that the measured pipe sealing performance is not good.

The specific steps of the test pressure are as follows
1. The hot and cold water pipes connected together with the hot and cold water to form a circle, into a tube, and test the pump connected to any one outlet can be the pressure pointer is 0 pressure. When all the water pipes are fully welded before they can test pressure, in the pressure before the closure of all the plug, close the water inlet valve.
2. When measuring pressure, shake the jack until the pressure gauge pointer to 0.9-1.0 or so, that is the current pressure is 3 times the normal water pressure.
3. Keep this pressure for a certain amount of time. Different water pressure measurement time is not the same, PPR, aluminum plastic PPR, steel PPR and other welded pipe is 30 minutes.
4. Water pipe compression test results to determine:
In the test pressure to check the joints one by one, the inner wire joints, plugs can not have water seepage, and some people say that plug water seepanothing, it is a lie, plug the water directly affect the test pressure pump needle. The decline who can know that the local inspection is meticulous.
The test pump in the specified time within the needle did not drop the slightest or drop less than 0.1 on the water pipe that is good, but also shows that the test pump is also a normal working condition.
In addition, remember: each plug and faucet and other interfaces can not have water leakage phenomenon

Package includeds :

1 x Test Pump
1 x Set of Accessories (4pcs screws + 4pcs nuts + others)

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2.5Mpa 25kg Manual Hydraulic Water Pressure Pipeline Test Pump Machine

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