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2020凤凰单丛蜜兰香乌龙茶(50g) Phoenix DanCong Milan Xiang Wuyi Rock Tea Oolong Tea

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蜜兰香单丛汤色清澈黄亮,含有较高的氨基酸、维生素、茶多酚和生物碱等多种营养和药效成分。冲泡时在几步之外便能闻其香味,饮之回味无穷,一向以形美、色翠、香郁、味甘 "四绝"而闻名。







Phoenix Oolong Mi Lan Xiang is the most popular and well-known Phoenix Oolong among tea drinkers. The reason why it is so popular is that this tea gives an unimaginably pleasant flavor identical to fruits. Because of its fruitiness, many customers who had tried this tea for the first time usually mistaken Mi Lan Xiang as a flavored tea.

Mi Lan Xiang means honey (Mi) orchid (Lan) flavor (Xiang) in Chinese.It is not easy for us to imagine how honey orchid may smell like, the most common feedback is "Lychee Flavor", "Mango Flavor" or "Peach Flavor".

If you want to enjoy a nice cup of oolong, it is important to keep the brewing temperature as high as you can. Usually the temperature of boiling water (95-100 degree C) might cool down to about 20-30 degree C as soon as it is poured into a teapot. The drop of water temperature depends on the material of teapot. Therefore, it is essential to warm up your teapot with boiling water. At first, pour boiling water into teapot, place the lid and leave it for about 10 seconds. Only after draining off this water, you can start brewing tea.

Normal Brewing Method

Gong-fu style brewing method may produce a better outcome in terms of flavor and taste. The advantage of normal brewing technique is to be able to make a light cup of tea without specific teaware but a common glass teapot. We suggest this method to those who want to enjoy their tea casually while at work or busy working on something else.

To understand how much tea leaves are needed, you can divide the intended volume by 60. If the volume of teapot is 200ml, the formula will be 300/60=5. It means you need 5g of tea leaves for a teapot with volume of 300ml.

At first, warm up the teapot for 10 seconds using boiling water and then drain out the water. 

Place the tea leaves into the teapot and pour in boiling water again. This is to warm up and open up the tea leaves. You need to drain out the water at once. Please do not soak tea leaves in water for more than a few seconds so as not to lose the precious flavor and taste of tea. 

For the first brewing, brew for about 10-20 seconds. From the second brewing onwards, you just need to run though boiling hot water (the "touch and go" style) or infuse for about 10 seconds if you prefer a thicker flavor and taste.

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