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2019福鼎白茶一级白露寿眉(200g) Fuding White Tea Shou Mei Longevity Eyebrow

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1. 量的控制,白茶淡些好喝,一般150ml的水用3-5g的茶叶。

2. 温度的控制,水温要求在90-100度。

3. 冲泡时间,第一泡时间约5分钟,经过滤后将茶汤倒入茶盅即可饮用。第二泡只要3分钟即可,也就是要做到随饮4. 随泡。一般情况一杯白茶可冲泡四五次。


1. 观色:白茶鲜叶越嫩、越饱满,白化程度越强,制成的干茶越显金黄,品质越高,越显尊贵。

2. 闻香:嫩香是大山坞白茶的特色之一,无论是干茶还是冲泡后的茶汤,嫩香越浓,越持久,品质越高。

3. 赏奇:用95摄氏度左右开水冲泡,切勿加盖,至三分钟后,观白茶舒展,还原呈玉白色,叶片莹薄透明,叶脉翠绿色,叶底完整均匀、成朵,似片片翡翠起舞,颗颗白玉卧底,汤色嫩绿明亮,此时,白茶的独特性达到至纯至美。

4. 品评:待茶汤凉至可入口时,细细品味,滋味鲜爽,甘味生津,唇齿留香,进入最高境界。

5. 添水:待茶汤饮至茶杯的三分之一时,添加开水再饮,一般冲饮三次为宜

Shou Mei tea or Shoumei tea is one of the Chinese White Tea, produced in Fuding City, Fujian Province. 

Shou means "Longevity" and Mei means "Eyebrow", so Shou Mei tea is also called Longevity Eyebrow or Sow Mee.

Shou Mei tea is made from one bud with three leaves or with four leaves; Bai Mu Dan is made from one bud with one leaf or with two leaves; Bai Hao Yin Zhen is made from 100% of buds. Bud is more tender and precious than the leaf, so the price and quality of Shou Mei are lower than that of Bai Hao Yin Zhen or Bai Mu Dan.

The shape of Shou Mei tea leaves looks like the eyebrows of Star of Longevity, which is the Immortal of longevity in ancient myths, so it is called Shou Mei (Longevity Eyebrow).

The color of the tea soup of Shou Mei is bright and orange-yellow. It tastes mellow, strong, and smooth, which makes people intoxicated. The aroma of it is similar to the herbal aroma and the aged Shou Mei smells like jujube’s fragrance. It’s like the aged wine, the older the more fragrant.

Health benefits of Shou Mei tea

They are rich in amino acids, tea polyphenols, minerals, vitamins, zinc, selenium and other trace elements needed by the human body.

They have the miraculous effect of cooling, detoxifying and reducing internal heat and can cure the fever disease. In Vietnam, it is good medicine for children’s high fever.

They are a kind of good health tea, which is moderate in nature, not cold and not hot and is helpful to expel toxins accumulating in the body and promote metabolism.

Here are the main health benefits of Shou Mei tea:

Diuresis, Anti-aging, Anti-cancer, Detoxifying liver, Nourishing blood, Improving eyesight, Clearing heat and detoxifying, Refreshing and eliminating fatigue, Anti-inflammation and sterilization, Lowering blood pressure and reducing fat.

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