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2006冰岛臻品金芽贡饼普洱熟茶(357g) Bing Dao Ripe Puer Tea

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1. 熟普洱茶有红茶素(TR)黄茶素(TF)茶褐素(TB)没食子酸和维生素C等,这些物质对提高人体免疫系统功能发挥重要的作用,所以说普洱茶熟茶对需要提高免疫力的人群有很大的作用。


2. 熟普洱茶里含有黄酮苷具有维生素P的作用,是防止人体血管硬化的重要物质,适合中老年人,茶多酚叶绿素维生素C等多种有效成分综合作用形成的(云南茶产区大茶树的茶多酚含量均达到30-34%,儿茶素总量达到18-24%,且其耐泡,茶浸出物达46-50%)


3. 含有丰富有益菌群的发酵熟普洱茶,在进入人体后不会对胃产生刺激作为,而且能够在胃的表层形成附着膜,对胃不好的人有保护作用,经常饮用可以起到养胃和护胃的功效。


4. 现已有很多医学实验表明,持久喝普洱茶熟茶可以把血脂下降30%左右,而饮用其他茶水在同样的时间却没有相同的效果,足可以证明普洱茶熟茶这个降血脂的功效。


5. 普洱茶熟茶可以把人体肠内的油腻油脂有效去除,会增加大肠的蠕动速度,有效通便利水,从而达到减肥效果。

Simple Brewing Method of Ripe Pu-erh tea using Gaiwan

Firstly, warm up the Gaiwan with boiling water, and then place tea leaves gently and not to compress it, up to 60-70% of the capacity of Gaiwan. 

Generally, we use 1g of tea leaves for every 10ml of water.

Pour boiling water up to the level of tea leaves, and then place the lid and immediately pour out the water from Gaiwan. Repeat this action once more. This is to warm up tea leaves and also to open up the leaves. These actions must be carried out swiftly so as not to lose the precious flavor and taste of tea.

For the actual brewing, it does not require long infusion like making other teas. Instead, you have to brew it the "touch and go" style. As soon as you pour the boiling water up to the level of tea leaves, place the lid to Gaiwan and then immediately pour out the tea without letting it soak. 

It is recommended to accumulate the 1st and 2nd brewing into a pitcher in order to even out the flavor and taste. For each subsequent brewing, you just need to brew less than a second. By brewing this "touch and go" style, you can continue brew up to nearly 20 times.

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