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[2 Packs] Serbajadi seeds/ benih Broad Leaf Water Convolvulus (BBS051)

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: 2BBS051
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Serbajadi Broad Leaf Water Convolvulus-

Ipomoea aquatica Forsk. (Convolvulaceae)

Water Convolvulus or water spinach is very common in South-East Asia and can either grow in water or soil and requires little care. It has long, soft, trailing stems bearing fresh and attractive white or pink flowers. The leaves of this annual herb are broad in shape and the stems are hollow. The young shoots and leaves are used as a cooked vegetable. They are high in fiber and rich in folic acid and especially iron and is good as a laxative.

Type of vegetable:Leafy

Edible parts:Leaves; stems


Best soil:It requires high soil moisture and a high level of organic content. It can also adapt to a wide range of soil conditions.

How to plant:It is easily raised from seed but may be propagated by cuttings. The young seedling plants are often grown on dry land.

When to harvest:30 days after sowing and as often as you like (after each harvest, new shoots will grow)

How to harvest:Simply pluck desired young shoots with hands

Care:Keep soil moist. High soil moisture is required.


Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

[2 Packs] Serbajadi seeds/ benih Broad Leaf Water Convolvulus (BBS051)

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