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[2 Packs] Serbajadi Seeds Butterhead Lettuce - Salad ( BBS043 )

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: 2BBS043
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Product Description

Serbajadi Butterhead Lettuce -Lactuca sativa var.

Butterhead Lettuce is a very reliable and extremely easy to grow type. It produces crisp green leaves all year round. The leaves of this cultivar form into a ball or head as it grows and matures. Butterhead Lettuce tastes good and iot is normally eaten raw in salads but it can also be stir-fried. It is also a basic in sandwiches, and as a decorative garnish for other foods. It is nutritious, yet low in calories. That is why it is so popular for dieters, and for those who want to stay trim. This vegetable is also generally cooked as a vegetable and added to soups and stir-fries. It is a source of beta-carotene and vitamin A.

Type of vegetable:Leafy

Edible parts:Leaves, stems


Best soil:Lettuce requires a rich but well-drained soil with plenty of compost dug in and continual watering during the growing season if they are to thrive. Liming is necessary before seed sowing. The seedlings of lettuce do not grow well in acidic soil. A soil ph of 6 and 7 is most suitable and preferred.

How to plant:Lettuce seeds are very fine. Before sowing, they are usually placed in a thin cotton cloth bag and soaked in water for an hour. The seeds can then be mixed with fine sand and sown directly. You can also plant indoors in pots. Cover the seeds with a very fine layer of loose soil or starting mixture. Lettuce likes lots of moisture. Transplanting should only be done in cool, preferably cloudy weather or in the evening. Water thoroughly unless it rains, for about a week. The key to growing crisp, sweet lettuce, is to get it growing at a fast pace. That means plenty of water, and a healthy dose of fertilizer. When transplanting lettuce in hot weather, place some form of sun shade over the plant for a couple of days. Any makeshift shade will do.

When to harvest:40 to 90 days after sowing of seeds, can be ready to begin cutting in as little as three weeks. Harvesting should be done in the early part of the day. Pick lettuces as soon as it is big enough to use. The outer leaves can be picked and the inner leaves are allowed to grow further. Loose leaf varieties will grow back after cutting.

How to harvest:Use a sharp knife or scissors. Or the whole plants are pulled up.

Care: Water frequently during dry spells. Slugs and snails, as well as caterpillars are the biggest problem. Insects can become a real problem, too. We like to avoid insecticides on leafy vegetables wherever possible. We suggest organic sprays and a willingness to give up some of the harvest to insects versus using pesticides. After all, one of the reasons most of us have gardens is to avoid the pesticides. We do not recommend insecticides at all for loose leaf lettuce varieties. Slugs are a real problem for all types of lettuces. There are a variety of control methods.


Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

[2 Packs] Serbajadi Seeds Butterhead Lettuce - Salad ( BBS043 )

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