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[11.11 deal] Limited Voucher for RM 11 Royal Rosensky Stingless Bee honey 60ml

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Product Description

Please take note this is in a form of digital voucher to be apply on 11.11 , which allow you to purchase Royal Rosensky Honey 60ml at RM 11. Valid for one day only (11/11/2021). Only 11 voucher will be available, grab it by today.

Please follow the instructions bellow to claim your voucher:

1) Place order

2) We will pm you the voucher code

3) Go to our store, click on Royal Rosensky Stingless Bee 60ml

4) Add to chart, checkout with the voucher

5) Press Order received once redeemed the voucher


Royal Rosensky Stingless Bee Natural Pure Honey

100% Natural Stingless Bee Honey (species Itama)
Sweet & Sour in taste.
▶ No Added Preservative! No Added Sugar! Only Pure Honey!

100% Madu Kelulut Semulajadi (Itama)
Rasa Manis masam
▶ Tanpa Pengawet! Tanpa Gula Tambahan! Honey Semula Jadi!

▶ 无添加防腐剂! 无添加糖分! 纯天然!


An exceptional honey harvested naturally from the stingless Heterotrigona itama species of bees. 100% Natural, Original, Pure Honey. No addictives or colouring or sugar are added. This honey has sweet sour fruity taste that people love.

Many researches indicate benefits of Rosensky ® Honey includes:

- Antioxidant to break the chain of free radicals.

- Anti-inflammatory effect to protect tissues from highly toxic inflammatory mediators

- Moisturising properties to improve wound healing by promoting angiogenesis & oxygen circulation.

- Rich in vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and fructooligosaccharides with almost 200 different compounds recorded.

- Rich in minerals such as potassium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, iron and manganese

- Anticancer effect as a chemopreventive agent to decrease the risk of cancer development. Researches shown stingless bee honey has apoptotic,

antiproliferative, antioxant, anti-inflammatory, estrogenic & immunomodularity activity. These might be considered as the possible mechanisms of how honey

prevent the progress of cancer formation.

-Treatment of ocular diseases such as cataract and vitrectomy. The polyphenols found in the stingless bee honey inhibit the angiogenesis & inflammatory cytokines by suppressing formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and upregulate antioxidative enzymes.


It is recommended that you take one(1) teaspoon of Kelulut honey daily, in the morning on an empty stomach as a healthy regime in maintaining good health. For therapeutic purposes, it is recommended that you take 1(one) tablespoon each morning on an empty stomach and 1(one) teaspoon before bedtime.If you want to mix it into water, please do not mix with HOT water but warm water because it will destroy the benefits of the Kelulut honey.

Try it today!

‍♂️‍♀️ If you have any questions , pls don't hesitate to contact me for more details

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