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α ARBUTIN BRIGHTENING Vitamin C Ampoule 7ml x 4pcs - NATURAL BEAUTY 东森自然美

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Product Specification

: Health & Beauty  >  Skincare  >  Serum & Essence
: 82D0205
: 82D0205
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 24.00 x 18.00 x 11.00
: 0.95040
Manufacturing Country
: Taiwan
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
Warranty Value
: -
Warranty Description
: -
Ship From
: Kuala Lumpur

Product Description

A new whitening ingredient α arbutin combined with dual vitamin C enriched with brightening formula, a high-efficiency whitening ampoule! It brightens, fades pigmentation, moisturizes, and firms. It can quickly repair the skin and prevent aging. Providing you great skincare satisfaction and with fair, translucent and bright porcelain skin. ➤ Efficient whitening, strengthen the components of melanin, while reducing the secretion of melanin ➤ Effectively lighten spots, prevent melanin aggregation, and prevent freckles ➤ Improve easily tanned skin and pigmentation prone skin ➤ An excellent antioxidant, leaving a natural glow on the skin ➤ Activate skin cells and promote metabolism ➤ Repair the dermis tissue, firm the skin and increase elasticity Usage: 1. Double-dosage ampoule, before use, please press the indenter containing powder C, then open the indenter and put the cap on the tip. Please shake well before use. 2. After the toner, squeeze an appropriate amount and apply evenly until absorbed. Massage the dull parts of the skin 3. To ensure the best results, please use it within 7 days after opening. ========= 新型美白成分α熊果素结合双重维他命C复合亮白配方,效果一鸣惊人的高效透白安瓶!具有亮白、淡斑、保湿、及紧致四合一功能,能迅速修护肌肤且抗老有感,在保养路上给你大大的满足,帮你打造白、透、亮极光美肌! ➥ 高效美白,能加強导出黑色素,同时减少黑色素分泌 ➥ 有效淡化斑点,避免黑色素聚结,使黑雀斑不易形成 ➥ 改善天生皮肤容易粗黑或黑黄色素容易沉淀的困扰 ➥ 卓越的抗氧化功能,让肌肤自然透亮发光 ➥ 帮助肌肤细胞活化,促进新陈代谢 ➥ 修护真皮层组织,紧实肌肤、增添弹性 使用方式: 1. 双剂型安瓶包装,使用前请将装有C粉的压头压入,再打开压头,将吸头瓶盖套入即可,使用前请上下摇晃均匀。 2. 夜间于化妆水后,取适量均匀涂抹至吸收,肌肤暗沉处可加强按摩。 3. 为确保产品最佳活性效果,开封后请于7日内使用完毕。

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