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α ARBUTIN BRIGHTENING Cream 50g (Whitening / Moisturizing / Soothing / Day Night Cream) - NATURAL BEAUTY 东森自然美

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: Health & Beauty  >  Skincare  >  Moisturizers & Creams
: 82D0208
: 82D0208
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 8.00 x 8.00 x 7.00
: 0.25
Manufacturing Country
: Taiwan
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
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: -
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: Kuala Lumpur

Product Description

The brightening cream developed with the new whitening ingredient α-arbutin effectively fights melanin, it is 9 times stronger than other whitening products in the market that contain β-arbutin! It also contains soy peptides, macadamia oil, organic calendula oil and hyaluronic acid, which can simultaneously antioxidize and revitalize the skin, achieving fair, soft and firm skin! ➤ 100% made in Taiwan ➤ It can inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin, it can also dilute the melanin that has been produced, improve the dullness of the skin, and make the skin white and bright ➤ Effectively prevent the side effects of skin turning dark after cosmetic surgeries (such as laser… etc.) ➤ Soften skin and moisturize, prevent skin sensitivity caused by dryness ➤ Relieve redness, soothe irritated skin conditions, such as sunburnt and dehydration ➤ Seal the nutrients of the ingredients, leaving skin supple, bright, restore the firmness and anti-aging ➤ Regular use will maintain the ph value of the skin and restore the health and smoothness of the skin ================ 以新型美白成分α熊果素研制而成的亮白神霜,能成功对付黑色素,比外面一般含有β熊果素的美白产品强9倍之多!并加入了大豆胜肽、澳洲坚果油、有机金盏花油和玻尿酸等精华,可同时抗氧化、焕活肌底,达至白皙、透嫩又紧致的肌肤效果! ✓ 可抑制肌肤中黑色素的形成,也能淡化已生成的黑色素,改善肌肤暗沉,让肌肤渐白透亮 ✓ 有效预防美容术后(如雷射祛斑等)肌肤反黑的后遗症 ✓ 柔肤保湿,避免皮肤因干燥而引起的敏感 ✓ 舒缓泛红不适,安抚不稳定的肤况,如晒伤缺水 ✓ 能封存保养成分,赋予肌肤弹性、关泽,重现紧致状态,对抗老化 ✓ 长期使用,可维持肌肤的ph值,恢复肌肤健康光滑的一面

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